Body Pose Annotations on Watch-n-Patch dataset

Dataset samples. The first and the third column show the original annotations of the Watch-n-Patch dataset, obtained using the Microsoft Kinect SDK.
The second and the fourth column show the manually-refined annotations obtained with the release annotation tool. Refined annotations are released in the Watch-R(efined)-Patch.

About the Dataset

WRP (Watch-R(efined)-Patch) dataset is a more precise and accurate version of the public dataset Watch-N-Patch, which is composed of recordings of multiple actions performed by different people acquired with the Microsoft Kinect v2 (Microsoft Kinect One).
The annotations in the original dataset are calculated with the Kinect SDK, which is not reliable for generic actions in non-standard position. We collect refined annotations using a quick and easy-to-use annotation tool, which is available here. Manually-refined joints gives the possibility to assess the performance of a method comparing the results with correct ground truth data.
In the data refinement process, we ignored finger joints (tip and thumb) since they are often occluded and original annotations are not often completely wrong. We provide annotations for 40 different sequences, half from the kitchen split and half from the office one.


The dataset is composed of 3329 refined joints related to the corresponding watch-n-patch depth maps, split in:


To obtain a copy of the dataset, please send an email to andrea.deusanio[at]unimore[dot]it and guido.borghi[at]unimore[dot]it stating:

  1. Your name, title and affilation
  2. Your intended use of the data
  3. The following statement: 
You are hereby given permission to copy this data in electronic or hardcopy form for your own scientific use and to distribute it for scientific use to colleagues within your research group. Inclusion of rendered images or video made from this data in a scholarly publication (printed or electronic) is also permitted. In this case, credit must be given to the publication. However, the data may not be included in the electronic version of a publication, nor placed on the Internet. These restrictions apply to any representations (other than images or video) derived from the data, including but not limited to simplifications, remeshing, and the fitting of smooth surfaces. The making of physical replicas this data is prohibited, and the data may not be distributed to students in connection with a class. For any other use, including distribution outside your research group, written permission is required. Any commercial use of the data is prohibited. Commercial use includes but is not limited to sale of the data, derivatives, replicas, images, or video, inclusion in a product for sale, or inclusion in advertisements (printed or electronic), on commercially-oriented web sites, or in trade shows. 

An email will be sent to you with the instruction to get the dataset.


We believe in open research and we are happy if you find this data useful. If you use it, please cite our paper.

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