ALOV300++ Dataset
by 'Amsterdam Library of Ordinary Videos for evaluating visual trackers robustness'

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ACT admin
C-COTpca2 priyamariam123
C-COT_pca priyamariam123
CCOT+VGG(-D)+GOG(C)+PCA samarsh97
CCOT+VGG+GOG(C)+PCA samarsh97
CCOT-GC-LDS samarsh97
CCOT-Original-15vids samarsh97
CCOT-RVG-PCA-15vids samarsh97
CCOT-VD-GC-LDS samarsh97
CCOT-VG-DS-PCA samarsh97
CCOT_Original AashimaY
CCOT_ResVgg priyamariam123
CCOT_Saliency AashimaY
CTF madan
FBT admin
Final_Test_MDNet pallavi
Final_Test_MDNet_N pallavi
FRT admin
fusion_tracker pallavi
gcg hugo.lima.chaves
gNet priyamariam123
gNetPCA priyamariam123
GoogleNetTracker randomName
HBT admin
Integration_T_S pallavi
IRVT madan
IVT admin
KAT admin
KCF madan
L1O admin
L1T admin
LKT admin
LOT admin
MaCT madan
MDNet_test pallavi
MIT admin
MST admin
NCC admin
ONRF-SS admin
ONRFM-TM admin
os-ov Helena
ps-pv Helena
RCTLD madan
RI_SRDCF_orig1 priyamariam123
Saliency_CTF AashimaY
SGT scalderara
SGT_tracker dalia
Shape.CC samarsh97
Shape.CCO samarsh97
Siamese_19maps priyamariam123
SPT admin
SRDCF_orig priyamariam123
STR admin
T-STR admin
TAG admin
Test2 Gary
Test3 Gary
Test_tracker Jiatong Li
Test_tracker Jason
TLD admin
TMC admin
Trial_test pallavi1
TST admin
vggTracker randomName