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Mercury: a framework for Driver Monitoring and Human Car Interaction

The deep learning-based models and frameworks investigated at AImageLab have been exploited to implement a framework to monitor the driver attention level and to allow the interaction between the driver and the car through the Natural User Interfaces paradigm.
The driver attention is a concept that is difficult to define in a univocal way and, also, it has different nuances: for this reason, we focus on the concept of attention understood as the driver's level of fatigue, computed through the perclos measure, and the driver fine and coarse gaze estimation.



The whole architecture of the system is represented in the following figure.
The system has been set up in a modular way, since it is able to work only with RGB data, depth data or both. 




Acquisition Module

  • Microsoft Kinect One 


Head Extraction

  • RGB Images: Viola & Jones algorithm provided by the dLib libraries
  • Depth Maps: a combination of 


Image Analysis

  • Head Pose Estimation
  • Facial Landmark Localization
  • Eye State Analysis


Driver Monitoring

  • Perclos
  • Coarse Gaze Estimation


​Human Car Interaction


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