Thesis @ Imagelab

A thesis lab is the place that you will spend much of the next several months of your life. The work you do in your thesis lab will influence the work you do in the rest of your career. Recommendation you receive from your thesis advisor will determine what options will be open to you after you receive your degree. Choosing your thesis lab is an important decision, so take it seriously and make it carefully.

Look at the list of available theses at Imagelab .

Courses held by Imagelab staff

Insegnamento Corso DocenteAnno Accademico
Calcolatori Elettronici e Lab. Laurea Ing. Informatica - 2 anno Prof. Rita Cucchiara, Prof. Simone Calderara 2016/2017
Calcolatori Elettronici Laurea Ing. Elettronica - 2 anno Prof. Roberto Vezzani, Prof. Simone Calderara, Prof. Paolo Santinelli 2016/2017
Architettura dei Calcolatori Laurea Informatica - 1 anno Prof. Roberto Vezzani 2016/2017
Fondamenti di Informatica Laurea Ing. Informatica - 1 anno Prof. Costantino Grana 2016/2017

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