Research fields at Imagelab

Videosurveillance & People Analysis

MTT3 Sarc3D sarcofago example proxemics Action_HMM logo hecol Visor


People detection and tracking; crowd analysis; tracking for automotive; multi camera-multi-target tracking; 

Datasets for Tracking; Human action analysis in 2D and 3D; Gesture analysis

Computer Vision & Pattern Recognition

logo dog 3D Surface Labeling logo Logo 3D Vessel Reconstruction

Computer vision, Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Saliency analysis; CNN and LSTM Architectures

3D video reconstruction; Labeling and Image processing

Multimedia & Big Visual Data

Scene detection - sample thumbnail ego video summarization logo Segmentation - logo Garments - logo Nvidia Tesla K40 Treccani Visualization Interface 1

Multimedia data annotation; Scene Dectection; Deep Learning for Video Captioning; Video Indexing; Document Analysis;

3D Interaction; Cultural Hertitage annotation; Egocentric Augmented experiences


hlpe2 human-car interaction dreyeve_logo_quadrato

Human attention analysis; video segmentation; Deep Learning for driver attention; 3D human pose analysis

New Visions: sensors, mobile and embedding

logo florimage quadrato Egovision - Gesture Recognition egosocial Bike Baxter dettagli

Sensors and Embeeded Vision

Industrial applications; Collaborative Robot Interaction; Floor Sensors; Low power Egocentric Sensors; Egocentric Vision