ICDSC 2014
Eighth ACM/IEEE International Conference on Distributed Smart Cameras
November 4 - November 7, 2014, Venezia, Italy


Camera Ready Submission Instructions

Authors should upload their final "camera ready" PDFs to Microsoft CMT.

Instructions for submitting camera-ready paper using CMT

The camera-ready paper is submitted through Microsoft CMT. Please log in to the CMT site and do the following:

* CMT will not rename your files, so please use the following naming convention: Rename your files to three digit paper id (e.g. paper ID 7 should submit as 007.pdf, 23 as 023.pdf etc.).
- First Load the camera-ready PDF file.
- Please limit either file to 10 MB.
* Click on the "Edit" link under "Camera-Ready" and follow the instructions there.

Copyright Form

ACM will send the copyright form to the contact author of each accepted paper.

Author Guidelines


Regular paper, PhD forum and demo authors MUST submit their papers electronically at Microsoft CMT.

Paper Format

Update: the proceedings of ICDSC 2014 are published by ACM .
Please prepare your camera ready paper using the 2-column ACM format.

Official templates for ACM Proceedings for other formats can be found at the ACM Proceedings template website. View the ACM guidelines.
The length of submitted papers for regular paper submission is 6 pages (with a maximum of 8 pages with page charges) and for PhD forum and demo papers is 2 pages including figures and references. For a regular paper above 6 pages, page charges of €100 per page have to be paid at the time of registration after the acceptance. Papers must be submitted in the PDF format.

Double blind review: ICDSC reviewing is double blind. Do not include any author information such as name and affiliations in the paper. When citing your previous work avoid using words such as "my" or "our". Avoid providing information that may identify the authors in the acknowledgments (e.g., co-workers and grant IDs) and in the supplemental material (e.g., titles in the movies, or attached papers). Avoid providing links to websites that identify the authors. Violation of any of these guidelines may lead to rejection without a review.

The papers should provide sufficient background information including adequate references and clearly indicate the original contribution.